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We are a small company in high demand and we are looking for engaged and motivated individuals in the D.C., Maryland, Virginia and New York City areas to expand our part-time event staff!

Bike Powered Events is a unique event and catering company. Our events focus on interactive experiences using stationary bikes equipped with various attachments and accessories that offer fun, creative, and engaging activities. We offer many services including bike-powered smoothies, spin art, bubbles, party lights, and more. Our catering and rental services extend across North America and our interactive art installations tour various city festivals around the world.

Our event crew members are what makes our services special! They travel to our events, set up and guide the activities for our guests. Everything from serving smoothies, facilitating spin art, being a helping hand to adjust seat heights and accommodating guests for a comfortable experience. 

We know a satisfied and supported staff is essential to success, we value and encourage new ideas and open communication, and our staff members to expand with us in new ways they are interested in!

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