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Bike Powered Events
harnesses stationary bikes to create fun, engaging activities that generate electricity, collaboration, and well-being for all ages. We’ve been bringing pedal power to offices, schools neighborhoods, and festivals nationwide since 2009. Our activities are 100% pedal-powered and range from amplifying sound systems to mixing smoothies to creating spin art.

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Smoothie Blending

Bubble Factory

Charging Station

Ice Cream Churning

The Canopy

Rainbow Rider

Our Services

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Off-the-Grid Party

Disco Lights

STEAM Workshop


Spin Art

Christmas Tree

Our clients love us!
Here’s what they had to say...

  • "Fantastic to work with! They took the time to make sure our team understood how to operate the bikes comfortably. I would definitely use them again!"
    — Alexa M.
    Whole Foods
    "Anyone who works on events knows how stressful it can be, but they made it so easy. The bikes we rented were beautiful, simple to operate, mess-free and such a hit!"
    — Taylor C.
    "The vibe that the bikes was amazing! Our guests really enjoyed the interactive activity, they had tons of fun blending their own Frozen Moscow Mule."
    — Fabiola G
  • "An incredible experience start to finish! Would definitely recommend to another office or party that was looking for a fun & healthy event."
    — Cameron S.
    Reprise Digital
    "Our office LOVES these bikes every time we have them come in! Fun, easy and healthy!"
    — Justin S.


Pedal Power

Our bike-powered events are novel, creative, social happenings great for work, school, or community events. We use bike power because it's active, sustainable, and engaging both physically and interpersonally. Whether it is blending your own smoothie, animating a huge kinetic sculpture, making a piece of art, or learning about the physics of electricity, these activities instantaneously engage diverse audiences to play, learn, and create.
We have a range of activities that demand everything from a few seconds of focused use (Smoothies) to a relay race (The Canopy), to a marathon (Cinema). Feel free to reach out to our sales team if you'd like to discuss what activity level will work best for your event and what if any adjustments can be made to improve accessibility for all.
Our coaches are there to help each person find a comfortable way and pace to pedal. Smoothies and Spin Art are accessible to everyone, while The Canopy and Sprocket Rocket are more challenging. We also have kid-sized bikes specifically for children under 8.
Our bikes are versatile and fit most people over age 7. The heights of our seats can be adjusted to comfortably fit people of most any size. If you're planning an event for people of a wide range of ages or with specific accessibility requirements, please let us know!


Share your who, what, where, when, and how using the "Get A Quote" link. We'll get back to you within 3 days!
The length of your rental will depend on the number of days for your event. We ship your order with ample time for you to receive your bike 1-2 days prior to your event, so you have time to assemble and test it out. We ask you have the shipment ready for return the next business day.
We recommend you book more than 2 weeks before your event. To finalize your booking, you need to sign the rental contract and pay your invoice. If you are considering customized branding, please book at least 1 month ahead. The more time the better.
When we do a semi-permanent installation or new custom work we travel with our bikes, install the artwork completely, and troubleshoot on site to make sure everything is perfect!

When we host your event we bring all bikes, ingredients, supplies, and staff necessary to make your event a success!

For rentals, we have several delivery options to keep your costs down.

Shipped Rentals
We offer our bike rentals at a flat price, which includes round-trip shipping. Our shipped rentals require some assembly.

Baltimore Delivery & Pick Up
We can apply a discount to our shipped rental price if you are located in Baltimore city, or are able to pick up from our Baltimore location. You may pick up your bike the day before your event and return it the day after. One bike can fit in an SUV, but you'll need a pickup truck or van to hold 2 or more.

DMV Area Delivery & Beyond
Bike Powered Events may provide deliveries within a two-hour radius of Baltimore. This service must be scheduled with our sales department. Additional costs may apply for multi-day events and locations outside of our delivery radius and is dependent on staff availability.


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Smoothie Bike Rental - $699

Spin Art or Device Charging Bike Rental - $899

Staffed and Catered Events - $1,500-$15,000

Canopy Sculpture - $25,000-$60,000

Custom Branded Wheel Cover - $425

Custom Branded Frame - $200

Our Shipped Rentals require some assembly. Bike Powered Events can deliver assembled bikes within a 2-hour radius of Baltimore, and offer a discount if you are able to pick up your order from our Baltimore location.

Rentals: Ideal for casual events with 25 or fewer guests. You provide the personnel and ingredients (if needed). Our bikes are well tested and only require a few minutes to learn how to run.

Crewed: Perfect for larger events that benefit from seamless operation from start to finish and require the technical expertise and people skills of a seasoned crew. We offer a full range of support—from tables, menus, and canopies, to wash stations, setup/breakdown, and crowd-drawing signage.
Discounts are available for non-profits and K-12 schools.

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